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October 20, 2018

Website Copy—Learn Marketing

[START BACKGROUND IMAGE]   Unlock the Secret of Online Business Success by Learning from Experts At Last Video Courses that make Internet Marketing Easy!   Ghost […]
June 7, 2017

Article—Mouth Watering Alcoholic Drinks (To Make In Your Mouth)

Drinking in public. It varies from stupefied alcoholics, to lads enjoying a beer in the summer-sun, to this guy walking towards me. Between Potsdamer Platz and […]
July 10, 2019

Video Script—The Spy

November 13, 2016

eBook—The Lean Way

Chapter Four: Where to Start—Your Suppliers “Waste is worse than loss. The time is coming when every person who lays claim to ability will keep the […]
March 14, 2017

Article—Into The Pink

Wandering the streets around Krakow’s old town, Alena and I play a game. We count the pink. The men wearing pink shirts. Actually, we play two […]
November 20, 2019

Video Script—Eco Bag

September 21, 2018

Long-Form Product Copy

November 15, 2017

Video Script—Blockchain

November 4, 2016

Video Script—Shopcore

February 4, 2017

Article—The Style of Donald J. Trump

It’s not about politics. It’s not about right and wrong. It’s about style. I’m not even going to go into the hair (though it seems logical […]
October 20, 2018

Video Script—Adult Coloring

February 4, 2017

Commando Comic—Latest Issue by Shane Filer

Commando For Action and Adventure, formerly known as Commando War Stories in Pictures, and colloquially known as Commando Comics, is a British comic book magazine that […]
November 12, 2016

Video Script—Purasentials Kickstarter

OPENING   VOICEOVER Not everything in nature is created equal A quality diamond depends upon color and cut… A good wine depends on the type of […]
November 1, 2015

Video Script—Productivity App

HOOK/INTRO: An office setting. A senior lawyer brings in a pile of contracts to an assistant sitting at the desk. This opening piece is in black […]
June 7, 2016

Video Script—Royal Black Coffee

October 30, 2019

Video Script—High Blood Pressure

November 1, 2015

Article—Pet Cafe

Meet a cat. And another. There are nine of them in total, climbing elaborate sisal-wrapped towers, lazing in windows gazing at people passing on the street, […]
April 2, 2018

VSL Script—Bitcoin Video Sales Letter

September 10, 2017

VSL Script—Blood Pressure

October 30, 2019

Video Script—Chemistry For Better Living

January 15, 2017

Website Copy—ADAPT Ideations

  HEADING: DEVELOPMENT. DESIGN. PROTOTYPING. SUB-HEADING: The Keys to Unlock Your Company’s Innovation Journey. ADAPT Ideations is a one-stop aggregator for business IT and innovation projects. […]
July 11, 2018


It’s only after I realize that Milan Kundera, the famed Czech writer was born not far from where I’m staying, that I start to wonder what […]
September 30, 2018

Landing Page—Diet

November 15, 2017

Brand Story—A Cut Above

M Room: A Cut Above the Traditional Barber M Room is a successful chain of barbershops founded in Scandinavia—Finland to be precise (Vikings always knew a […]
November 20, 2016


Key Points Aerobit Health is a UK digital healthcare startup. We are building a complete asthma care platform with a focus on improving the quality of […]
August 12, 2016

Video Script—Fitness & Health

October 20, 2018

Website Copy—Remote Work

[START BACKGROUND IMAGE]   Manage Remote Work the Easy Way with Trackly Your office. Everywhere. Ghost button →  [Contact Us]             [Sign Up Free!] ← Contrasting […]
November 1, 2015

Copy—J.Peterman-esque Product Descriptions

J.Peterman-esque product descriptions The Classic Army T-shirt There are only two things that come from Texas. I first saw Full Metal Jacket in the summer of […]
July 11, 2016

Video Script—RESERVE

VOICEOVER Over time environmental factors; radiation from the sun, and pollution — cause slow cell damage and the formation of free radicals. These “bad boys” of […]
April 5, 2017

Screenplay—Someone New (Sample)

Sample from rom-com screenplay ©Shane Filer. 2018
July 10, 2019

Video Script—Dubai Logistics

October 30, 2019

Website Copy—Islamic Marketing

November 10, 2016

Article—Fantasy + Futurism: The Barcelona & Brno Chair

November 1, 2015

Article—10 Inventions We Could Live Without

October 19, 2018

Video Script—Global Property Investment

October 20, 2018

Video Script—Mozata

June 16, 2017

Video Script—Astana 2017 Alternative Energy

October 19, 2018

Video Script—EU Ozone Monitoring

September 9, 2018

Video Script—Forex

November 27, 2016

Video Script—STEM What’s an Input Sensor?

July 10, 2019

Video Script—Crowdfunding: Palm Wine

August 15, 2017

Article—5 Ways to Beat Fear of Public Speaking

You stand, and then the panic begins. Sweaty palms. Difficulty breathing. Feels like you’re unable to talk. You remember your notes and glance down. They seem […]
November 4, 2016

Video Script—Photography Charity

April 19, 2018

Video Script—Research Paper: The Hawthorn Effect

April 17, 2016

Video Script—Research Paper: Professionalization & Market Closure

October 20, 2018

Video Script—Phil Knight

September 9, 2018

Video Script—Cryptocurrency

June 15, 2017

Video Script—Puma

February 7, 2016

Press Release—Bitcoin App

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 17.12.15 Contact                           Email Phone CoinSpace for iOS now available on iTunes! At last a truly cross platform wallet app for Bitcoin! Developer […]
September 3, 2016

Article—In the Footprints of Bowie in Berlin

Bowie’s dead. Lou Reed’s dead. Iggy Pop’s the eternal survivor. For three years in the 70s David Bowie lived at Hauptstrasse 155 in West Berlin’s Schöneberg […]
February 12, 2018

eBook—An Introduction to Meal Prep

Sample from… Chapter One: So Little Time to Eat Right Ever feel you don’t have enough time to cook properly? Find yourself reaching for the quick, […]
February 7, 2016

Video Script—AltCoin Explainer

A young hipster walking confidently down the street. They can be male or female. Let’s call them Bobbie. They’re listening (and reacting to) to the voiceover. […]
September 20, 2018

Brand Story—Step Into the World of UntoldCasino

UntoldCasino is the nexus at the multi-verse of games. It’s a place of adventure… of the unknown… Think of UntoldCasino as a labyrinth. In some areas […]
March 20, 2020

Video Script—Ugly But Good

October 19, 2018

Video Script—EU Co2 Monitoring

January 15, 2017

VSL Script—No More Chronic Pain

October 30, 2019

Video Script—Online Recording Studio

March 19, 2019

Video Script—Machine Learning

October 30, 2019

Video Script—Telecom

June 16, 2019

Video Script—Southwest Airlines

October 19, 2018

Video Script—Richard Branson

July 10, 2019

Video Script—PewDiePie

December 4, 2016

Video Script—Nutrition App

November 4, 2016

Video Script—Learn Words App

October 1, 2018

Landing Page—Cryptocurrency Courses

November 4, 2016

Video Script—STEM Velocity

February 9, 2016

Video Script—Construction

WG Ltd Construction Video ANIMATED GRAPHIC: “Construction Chat” For hassle-free construction! Brought to you by WG Ltd INTRO Open with montage of construction projects/building activities. VOICEOVER […]
October 20, 2018

Video Script—Corporate Catering

October 20, 2018

Landing Page—Data Driven

[START BACKGROUND IMAGE – INSERT LINK TO RECOMMENDED IMAGE HERE]   We Help You Discover the Right Data-Driven Strategy to Grow Your Business And for a […]
July 10, 2019

Video Script—Workout App

January 10, 2015

Artist Profile

Shadows and Layers: Talking with Photographer João Santos Art’s a funny thing. A spiraling series of doors, many opening to cul-de-sacs, a myriad of hallways through […]
October 21, 2017

Long-Form Copy—Blasted Heath Eau-de-Parfum

The Untamed, Blasted, Scent of the Sea Scents cradle memories within them. A dab of fragrance and the tide comes washing back. We lived within reach […]
November 15, 2017

Article—Bikini Girls in Berlin

Guys, you may be disappointed when you enter Bikini Berlin; rather than being greeted by bikini-clad German girls, it’s red-bottomed baboons that instead first catch your […]
January 6, 2018

ebook—Men’s Style Guide

Sample from… What To Look For In A Suit? The suit isn’t just for serious grown up business men working in corporate offices (thought they seem […]
January 28, 2017

Video Script—Medical Research

June 7, 2017

Brand Story—Beauty Industry

“My vision is to erase mediocrity in the salon industry in my country and create a sustainable business built on excellence at every level. Excellence in […]
October 30, 2019

Video Script—By the People

November 4, 2016

Video Script—STEM Break Loop

December 18, 2017

Video Script—Fraudnet

June 15, 2017

Product Landing Page—Air Diffuser

November 15, 2017

Video Script—UAE Space Programme

November 17, 2017

Video Script—Smart Cities

February 29, 2016

SEO Article—The Black Kitchen

A black kitchen? Let the ebony soot gather. Okay, no — but why not consider black as the dominant color of choice in your upcoming kitchen […]
July 11, 2016

Website Copy — My Curry Station

  HEADING: Healthy, fresh, vegetarian, home cooked, Indian meals! My Curry Station do the shopping and cooking for you — and we do it with love! […]
October 30, 2019

Article—Pop Power of Paisley

Paisley is the pattern of counter-culture. It is the love-peace motif of the Beatles, the pop culture kitsch of Grant Morrison’s “Zenith,” and the name of […]
October 20, 2018

Video Script—Copernicus

January 3, 2020

Website Copy—Web Coding

HEADLINE: We Code So You Don’t Have To Coding is an art. Now we don’t want to come across as pretentious, so let’s explain. When you […]
October 30, 2019

Article—Amazon Go

No lines? No checkout? No way! Take what you want and go? That’s exactly the promise of Amazon Go. WHAT’S AMAZON GO? Amazon’s new checkout-less convenience […]
February 7, 2016

Video Script—Kickstarter Project

  A montage of shots. Young people. Action sports and traveling. VOICEOVER Drinking in life means never standing still. Being active… be it sport… or traveling… […]
January 11, 2017

Landing Page — Grumblit Business

July 10, 2019

Video Script—Audio System

October 19, 2018

Video Script—Eye Cream

April 2, 2018

Article—Stormy Daniels vs. Twitter Trolls

January 18, 2017

Article—The Outsiders: Echo and the Bunnymen

October 21, 2018

Video Script—Armstrong

August 10, 2016

Corporate Profile—IT Company

In a world of increasing demand for intelligent, predictive and accurate systems, AgileBIS AG was established as one of CPI International Group companies with a focus […]
October 20, 2018

SEO Article—How to Choose a Personal Trainer

The word “personal” is a key part of the job description “personal trainer”. Getting help with your fitness goals will keep you focused, motivated and help […]
November 1, 2015

Article—(Not exactly) the Land that Vegetables Forgot

Or 5 restaurants to get super vegetarian food in Brno Maso is one of the first Czech words I learned. Followed closely by kuře, hovězí, jehněčí […]
August 21, 2018

Article—Vertical Farming

Fujitsu: high-tech R&D innovator known for IT hardware and services. In a retro-fitted former silicon chip manufacturing facility in the Japanese city of Aizuwakamatsu, a small […]
October 20, 2018

eBook—Innovative Product Launch

Excerpt from… Analyze the Occasion Opportunity When developing a new product concept, think about the occasion in which you expect the product to be consumed. Today […]
January 7, 2017

Brand Story—Gin Lovers

Lisbon. Portugal. Famous for the oldest bookshop in the world. Cinnamon. And Gin. Let’s not beat around the bush. Gin has a pedigree. A level of […]
June 28, 2016

Article—(Wo)Man or Machine: The Perfect Coffee

A café in Friedrichshain, Berlin. Somber walls brought to life here and there by rustic wooden shelves and a long timber counter. There’s the whiff of […]
June 14, 2017

Video Script—Solar Fuel

July 10, 2019

Video Script—JOHNSON’S & JOHNSON’S Influencers

October 14, 2018

Video Script—Dreams of Flying

December 26, 2019

Video Script—Freelancer Platform Promotion

Video script and voiceover for Upwork platform internal promotion…
January 12, 2016

Video Script—The Pub

Voiceover=a 50s over the top style. Each segment will have a short black and white old film style lead in, then go to colour shots. VOICEOVER […]
August 10, 2016

LinkedIn Profile

Summary A good idea without the corresponding ability to implement the idea is valueless. Positive change is achieved by pairing great ideas with the will and […]
March 20, 2020

Article—Airbnb is Evil

March 10, 2016

eBook—The Aspiring Gentleman

Sample from… INTRODUCTION “Anyone can be heroic from time to time, but a gentleman is something you have to be all the time.”—Luigi Pirandello At first […]
January 3, 2020

Website Copy—Sleep App

October 20, 2018

Training Video Script—Meetings

March 23, 2016

Video Script—Milk Powder

MullerMoo Toddler Milk Script INTRODUCTION Open with video footage or stills of parents and their toddler. We want to show proud parents with a happy child […]
November 1, 2019

Book—Cowboy & Tribe by Shane Filer

FREE Download Here
June 12, 2018

Exit (novel)

Sample from… 1 .   G i r l   T a l k “Did you know I spent the whole of my fifteenth year in my room?” […]
June 9, 2015

Article—Men’s Fashion

Your Next Coat? It’s destined to be your companion through winter’s demanding months. It will share with you the ups and downs of your work and […]
October 30, 2019

Comic Book Script—The Lonely Ranger

February 9, 2018

eBook—A History of Corporate Innovation

A selection from… Winter. 1979. Twenty-four-year-old Steve Jobs is on a tour of Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) where he’s shown three things: object-oriented programming, […]
July 10, 2019

Product Copy: A Story About Shoes

Abandoned shoes are everywhere. On the subway. On rubbish tins. I spot a lone trainer on the sidewalk. Who lost their shoe? Where’s the other? Deep […]
September 3, 2016

Article—The Lingering Ghost of the Palast der Republik

There are many ghosts in Berlin. Some of them are people. Some of them are buildings. The bombed out shell of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church […]
August 31, 2018

Landing Page—Teams

November 1, 2015

Article—Fair Trade Or Not?

Google “fair trade products” and you’ll be offered hundreds of websites selling everything from food and wine, to coffee and tea, to apparel, jewellery and cotton. […]
April 2, 2019

Brand Story—Italian Jeans

The essence of Italian flair goes way back—to the Renaissance. That’s serious heritage. Steeped in this long tradition—Tisarto rethinks the humble denim by crafting bespoke Italian-made […]
February 25, 2021

Article—Dental Dams And You

Condoms are pretty popular. Pretty much everyone has used one at some time or another. Condoms are thin sheaths put on a penis to reduce the […]