M Room: A Cut Above the Traditional Barber

M Room is a successful chain of barbershops founded in Scandinavia—Finland to be precise (Vikings always knew a thing or two about hairstyle). You can now find M Rooms worldwide in cities like Stockholm, Berlin, Helsinki, Málaga, Tallinn and Seattle.

What makes this barbershop chain so different and special? Well, here are five things you need to know about M Room.

  1. Membership-based. Like a gym. With M Room’s Silver, Gold or Platinum membership card you get unlimited free haircuts and can come in anytime without an appointment. A membership puts you at the top of the queue (should there be one). As well you profit from many other membership benefits — for example you may enjoy various M drinks for free during your visit and get product discounts. You can also just get one-off haircuts without membership.
  2. Friendly atmosphere and cool environment. M Room’s lounge is equipped with comfortable chairs, a foosball table, TV and Xbox, so in case you arrive at the barbershop and have to wait awhile, make yourself at home. There’s also free Wi-Fi.
  3. No need to make an appointment. M Room don’t do appointments. Just come whenever you want. Be aware though if you don’t have a membership and someone walks in later who does, they go first. A gold membership trumps all.
  4. Great results for a reasonable price. An individual M Cut will cost you €29 if you aren’t a holder of a membership card. All M Rooms are using M Room’s own haircutting technique that was developed in Finland and perfected from years of experience. As a result, you’ll leave with gently layered hair free of harsh lines, perfect for growing out delicately. M Room’s barbers are more than happy to help you find your own style or cut your hair just the way you always have it — it’s up to you. As far as shaving goes, you can either go for classic European style, or you can try M Special shave (American style) which features the use of hot towels and face massage. Other services offered in M Room Barbershops include color services, skin care and relaxing massages.
  5. M Groom products. Yeah, you guessed it right—M Room has their own house line of products. You can choose from Man Basics line of products, which are essential grooming products to meet your everyday needs, or Classic Gold Private Edition, when you want to go the extra mile.

M Room’s membership system might take getting your head around. It’s new, simple and perfect for men who want to get their hair trimmed regularly to keep their look polished and dapper. Remember—that perfectly maintained haircut may just be the difference between getting that new promotion, or a hot date… or not.