Lisbon. Portugal. Famous for the oldest bookshop in the world. Cinnamon. And Gin.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Gin has a pedigree. A level of sophistication and cool unobtainable by other alcoholic drinks. Great artists and writers found it a muse to their creative process.



Gin Lovers is a gin bar, and that is a bar where gin rules and inspires.

Life began not as a bar, but as a magazine and national gin and tonic day to bring passionate gin lovers together. Appreciate this: just a handful of years ago in Lisbon, you either drank wine or beer, that was it. Today Portugal has over thirty home-grown gin brands. Gin Lovers has changed the way people think and drink.

The first Gin Lovers bar opened in Vestigius in April 2014, then moved to Gin Lovers Príncipe Real at Embaixada in November 2015. Today Gin Lovers includes a restaurant, a retail store, and a way of life.

The restaurant offers modern twists on traditional Portuguese cuisine. Shared among friends in table-sized portions. Naturally, you can eat everything with Gin.

Everything you find in the bar you can buy in the store. Plus, the magazines and books.

The magazine itself is still going. A hellish amount of work each issue, a labor of love, and still the only gin magazine in the world.

Gin Lovers appreciate that gin and tonic is a cocktail. Get that simple fact straight and everything flows.


Loja Gin Lovers Príncipe Real

Praça do Príncipe Real 26 – 1250-184 Lisboa