A black kitchen?

Let the ebony soot gather.

Okay, no — but why not consider black as the dominant color of choice in your upcoming kitchen remodeling project?

A black color scheme is one of the hot new kitchen trends for 2016 — demonstrated by appliance manufacturer Kitchenaid’s release of a stylish new collection of black stainless steel refrigerators and oven/cooktops.

Stylistically black’s a logical progression. White’s a long-term standard — why not flip to the other end of the color wheel? Like white, black offers a strong, sleek, modern statement that executed skillfully is far from dreary. Your kitchen’s also a great place to use black to enhance the surroundings. No colors go better together than black and white; also think of how jet black might accentuate the gleaming finish of chrome and stainless steel surfaces.

While you might not want to entirely replace your appliances, a great place to start is opting for black design in cabinetry or countertops. Cabinets can be easily and effectively repainted and refinished in your color of choice (go black!) A standard kitchen can be completed in just 3 days — with minimal disruption to the household, and cost a lot less than a complete refit. Hire a professional company or contractor who can add that “just brought” quality to the painting. You can also add black paneling or paint a black feature wall to inject visual interest to the space.

Gone are the days when a kitchen was simply for cooking the family meal. Today it’s a room which can serve a variety of purposes from dining and social gatherings, to a place of great conversation. What a black upgrade adds is an elegant sense of style, sophistication and let’s be honest: sexiness!

Black really is the new black.


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