Voiceover=a 50s over the top style. Each segment will have a short black and white old film style lead in, then go to colour shots.


A pub is short for public house or a house “open to the public”, as opposed to a private house (which is only open to people you invite).  The pub is a Kiwi icon – a fundamental part of the culture of New Zealand.  Following this fine philosophy is the Pub 101 the terrace

A presenter in 50s attire stands outside and points to the Pub sign.


The owner or manager of a pub is termed the publican. Here is Lisa – she is a publican. Say hi Lisa!

TRACK past manager.


A pub is often known as a ‘local’ to regulars. This means it’s local to home or work. Here is GRACE – she is a regular. Her work is next door.

“Grace” in the pub. Next show her  walking up the street to next building.


People like GRACE love the Pub because of its great coffee, food, fun friendly atmosphere and helpful staff. Here is NEAL– he is a friendly helpful staff member.

TRACK past “Neal” at the bar pouring a beer. He looks up and smiles.


Let’s not forget the Pub has a wide range of spirits, cocktails wines and we serve a great cold bear. I mean beer.  Everything to suit your tastes in bottles, and of course – on tap.

We could do the Bear/beer thing here – where someone in a bear suit is buying a beer? If we do – it might be fun to keep it running and randomly place the bear in the background of a few shots later on. Not to obvious. He is just there.



Once pies and fries were the only thing you could get to eat at a Kiwi pub. Well, not anymore. Kiwis have a much more sophisticated palette, and so The Pub has pub grub to match. Good quality fresh food prepared and served simply. Here’s the chef.

TRACK past chef. Show a sequence of food shots. Being cooked/finished/taken to customer.


There’s something very down to earth and laid back about a great value pub meal. How about some bangers ‘n mash, luv?

 Plate of Bangers ‘n mash served to customer who licks her lips.



Pubs have traditionally been a place to hold functions – anything from wedding receptions to funeral wakes

 The Pub continues this tradition. No group is too large or too small.

Bride in white with husband toasting each other and a few guests around then cut to – same bride, now in black. No husband. Guests pat her on shoulder.

 Other shots – wide pan of venue room. People mingling, dancing, perhaps badly.


Quiz nights are grand! The purpose of these is to prove you are in fact way smarter than your boss.

Quiz master asking questions of cards and people answering.


So start brushing up on your trivia! The name of Anakin Skywalker’s alter ego star wars? Well – here’s a hint!

Person stumped for this one – then Darth Vader appears behind him and tap him on the shoulder.


Well we talked a lot about the Pub, but it’s not all about us – it’s about you because most of the all the Pub is a place for social gatherings; a welcoming place to meet friends, family or workmates for a drink, some fine food and a good time. The Pub 101 the Terrace. Brilliant!

Glossy atmosphere shots. Close on logo and contact details.