HEADING: Healthy, fresh, vegetarian, home cooked, Indian meals! My Curry Station do the shopping and cooking for you — and we do it with love!

Life’s hectic right? Time-starved. You’ve got work — there’s little time for yourself. If you’re a vegetarian you also know how hard it can be to find quality takeaways. The answer’s home cooking — but wait — you don’t have time to shop and cook yourself do you?

My Curry Station take care of all that and save you time without sacrificing taste or quality. Traditional, family-friendly, North and South Indian vegetarian curries and dishes cooked with hand-picked vegetables and authentic Indian spices, freshly made by an experienced home cook. No artificial colors, or flavorings. No frozen or canned ingredients. Fresh means fresh!

From hearty paneer cheese dishes to lentils, and a wide array of vegetable options, there’s a mouthwatering dinner just right for you!

Time-starved no longer means curry-starved! Simply order online — for quick, and easy pick up!


TITLE: How it works

  1. Choose your weekly selection of curries from our rotating menu.
  2. Place your My Curry Station order online for the following week by 8 am each Sunday morning. Sit back and relax. We personally shop for all your ingredients
  3. Book a time for pick up — we freshly cook and pre-package your order. Spend 30 minutes to pick up once a week and save on 5-8 hours of cooking and cleaning. You know it makes sense!
  4. Refrigerate until you’re ready to eat, then browse our selection for the following week. Repeat. (Once you try our authentic, healthy curries, you’ll be coming back for more!)

Sizes Available

My Curry Station supply dishes with simple pricing and in 5 convenient sizes.

Regular Orders:

Medium (1 meal for 2 people)
Large (1 meal for 4 people)

Small (1 meal for 10 – 15 people)
Medium (1 meal for 25-30 people)
Large (1 meal for 40-50)


TITLE: Why vegetarian food will make you happy!

You’ll live longer

Really! Most experts agree a plant diet dramatically improves longevity — anywhere from 3-13 years! You’ll have more time for your grand-kids (and getting cranky in your old-age).

You’ll have more energy!

Balanced vegetarian diets generates more usable energy — energy to do… everything!

Your plate will be more colorful!

Think about it. Meat comes in your basic, red, brown and grey. Plants cover a whole kaleidoscope of color: you have leafy green vegetables, red, yellow and purple fruits and vegetables! Color coordinate your plate today!

Animals will thank you

They don’t want to be eaten. We’re pretty sure. Each year over ten billion animals are slaughtered for humans to eat. Unlike farms of the past they tend not to roam freely but are factory farmed: stuffed into cages and fed a diet infused with pesticides and antibiotics (which we then eat).

It saves you money

The average American meat eater would save around $4000 a year by eating plants. Think of all the better things you could do with this cash! It’s a new wardrobe! It’s a cheap car. It’s a small down payment on your kid’s college education!

The environment will last longer (we need the environment)

Eating animals has a tremendous negative effect on the planet. Water pollution. Air pollution. Soil erosion. Water depletion. Energy use. Overgrazing. Just for starters.


TITLE: About Us

There’s never anything better than the aroma of home cooked food. Never more so than Indian vegetarian meals… the mingled scents of fragrant spices and fresh vegetables with herbs simmering. There’s also nothing healthier.

My Curry Station was founded with one idea in mind: to provide homemade, family friendly, vegetarian dishes for take-out at an economical and affordable price.

Being vegetarian is tough nowadays. Planning balanced vegetarian meals for the week, preparing a menu which has variety, planning grocery list and shopping takes time. Yet when you come home from a busy work day you might have children to take care of, or just want a little time to yourself, so preparing a home cooked meal can seem a bit daunting!

Wouldn’t it be refreshing not to have to worry about lunch and dinner and to have great food that’s liked by adults and kids alike, and is ready in the evening after a busy day?

That is what My Curry Station do. We shop and prepare vegetarian curry, chapattis, and meals with fresh and healthy ingredients — so you don’t have to. We don’t compromise on quality for our own family meals and won’t with yours either.