A young hipster walking confidently down the street. They can be male or female. Let’s call them Bobbie. They’re listening (and reacting to) to the voiceover.


If you like digital currency (and who doesn’t?) you’re gonna need a wallet to store it in.

(No, not that kind of wallet)

They stop and take out their wallet, then look confused.


Coin.Space HD Bitcoin Wallet is a free secure online bitcoin wallet, which you can use to make worldwide payments for free. CoinSpace is available for Apple iOS, Android and Windows phone, offers an online platform for other devices and is the first wallet available for Apple Watch — making it the most accessible and versatile product on the market. CoinSpace has no fees and gives you complete control of your finances from your mobile device. Did we also mention its free?


Graphics showing the Coin.Space logo, then graphics of the app on the screen of Apple, Android and Windows device.


Bobbie using the desktop app on a laptop. Show them in another location, a park accessing the app on a phone.


With CoinSpace you can get started and Send and receive bitcoins in seconds!

Animated graphics follow in this section to add detail to the voiceover as appropriate.


CoinSpace is an HD Wallet – no that doesn’t mean High Definition. In simple terms a Hierarchical deterministic wallet greatly improve your privacy with secure passphrase generation. So it’s safe!

GRAPHIC: HD = Hierarchical deterministic


Support for OpenAlias technology means simplicity of use when sending and receiving payments.


IT TURNS THIS Raw address:

INTO THIS OpenAlias address:


·        Each transaction generates a new address in the BIP32 tree, for maximum privacy.

·        Support for OpenAlias to send and receive payments.

·        Quickly scans a QR-code.

·        Use the geo-location feature (Mecto) for transactions with nearby users.

·        Single-tap balance conversion into your chosen fiat currency.


Have a lot of Bitcoin? No worries! With CoinSpace you can easily connect to businesses who accept bitcoin in your area and start shopping! You can quickly scan QR transactions codes, and its super simple to convert bitcoin into other currencies.

Transaction at a business. A coffee would be great – Prague Bitcoin Cafe… ideally something like this.


There’s something else that CoinSpace promises and that’s accessible banking to the unbanked people of this world. CoinSpace together with digital currency allows anyone to send and receive payments just as everyone else does without the requirement of a traditional bank account. Imagine: with a means of exchange in place a shirtmaker in Thailand can make a garment and sell it direct to a client in New York. With any cheap smart phone they can receive payment without incurring huge money transfer fees, without middlemen taking a slice.

It creates a personal finance industry without borders.

Trade-aid type activities or contrasting cultures, ie Thailand, New York.


Coin.Space wallet makes paying with bitcoin easy and secure. Free, no fees and complete control of your finances from anywhere in the world — all from the convenience of your phone (or desktop). Be your own bank with CoinSpace.

CoinSpace logo and iTunes GooglePlay, Windows logos.