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A montage of shots. Young people. Action sports and traveling.


Drinking in life means never standing still.

Being active… be it sport… or traveling… it’s all about getting the most out of every experience! There are sacrifices. Money. Time. Bruises. Sometimes the luxury of a shower or sink just isn’t as close as you’d like.

CUT TO product shots


That’s where Refresca comes in.

Refresca is your portable “shower-in-a-bottle”

Product in use, ie being sprayed on skin.


Refresca is a completely new personal care product based in essential oils and aromatherapy rather than chemicals and perfumes.

First — what it’s not.

It’s not like travel or sport wipes which can leave a sticky, soapy feeling on the skin.

Actor with wipes and perfume (show the wipe stickiness).


It’s not a spritz perfume or deodorant — it’s a little more than that.

Refresca is a 100% natural cleansing mist which contains essential oils to leave you feeling fresh and invigorated!

Shots of actor using product (looks happier!)


There’s tea Tree to decrease odor and bacteria. Peppermint to invigorate the mind. Lime to cleanse and lift spirits.

Some essential oil bottles, or the oils being dropped into water


It cleans just like a real shower and dries without the need for towels.

Montage of shots. Some stock footage/some with actors


Refresca is ideal for: bike commuters. travellers, sports people, campers, hikers, truck drivers or workers in isolated environments. Use it after a lunchtime run or gym workout, in hot weather….or any time you need to feel clean, fresh, and revived where it’s just not practical or possible to jump in a real shower!

Cyclists, backpackers, travellers, campers…


Refresca was born out of creator Bo Valentina’s active lifestyle in the West Coast Mountains of North America. Exercise, travel, & curiosity about life became her credo.

Refresca was popped into backpacks, glove compartments, pockets, and purses as friends and co-workers tested it out.

Bo’s travelling instinct led her to Central America and she took Refresca along for the ride. In Costa Rica Refresca became even more popular — with hot weather & people who know how to dance up a storm.

Next Brazil. 40 degree heat was the ultimate testing ground. Office, soccer, building roads, and playing on Copacabana Beach, the cooling Refresca mist fit perfectly into energetic lifestyles.

Product shots


Fast forward. Today the products perfected. It really works and for many users is a valuable travel and sports accessary. Bo’s company Essencia da Vida (like many starts ups) needs capital to grow the brand in the North American market and online. Funding will be used for building inventory. Pure and simple. This will allow Refresca to be marketed, increase availability, and to guarantee supply to retailers and customers alike.


  • Completely natural clean chemical-free solution to clean up anywhere.
  • leaves the skin feeling clean
  • No sticky residues
  • unisex scent of mint and lime
  • Convenient portable size anyone can carry with them.
  • One bottle contains enough for 10-15 mini-showers.
  • dries instantly

Backpacker shot = putting product in bag.


Refresca makes life easier when you can’t carry a shower or sink around with you. For an active lifestyle, it’s the most practical item ever!


The street. A women is running hard out. She pauses to rest. A txt message sounds on her phone. Curiously she looks at it.

 It’s from BRAD and says: “10 mins away. Looking forward to our date!”

 Woman looks up in horror. Checks calendar. It says: BRAD’s DATE: 6.00pm

 She looks at the time: 5.45pm

 She runs very fast. Get home. Looks at shower, then time: 5.50pm

 Then she remembers: Refresca – gets some out of a travel bag and starts spraying herself.

 We cut to the door.

 The doorbell rings. She opens it to Brad. We cut back to her and she now looks glamorous.

 Brad kisses her on the cheek.

 The woman winks at camera.


Refresca: Clean Up, Cool Off, Refresh!

GRAPHIC: Product by “Essência da Vida Inc.