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An office setting. A senior lawyer brings in a pile of contracts to an assistant sitting at the desk. This opening piece is in black and white silent motion picture film look. There is a music bed of old fashioned piano music. The lawyer speaks and we cut to a title card which reads:


I need contracts made up for all these clients by the end of the day.

The assistant looks up in horror and begins to speak. Cut to title card in 1920’s style:


That will take all day!

Cut back to lawyer.


We don’t have all day!

Wearily the assistant begins to copy and paste. Text with COPY/PASTE fills up the screen eventually turning it to white where we bring in animated graphics/text. In this, the explanation section we focus on graphics and screen shots of the software in action.



Your business could be losing money through lost productivity – with staff spending unnecessary time on office tasks which can easily be automated.

Chansel is software that automates document generation and saves your business time and money. If you’re regularly creating documents that are broadly similar to one another such as contracts, leases, employment agreements or flyers – in fact any word processing document you can think of, then Chansel can speed the process up and make it more efficient and effective.

GRAPHICS — For: Solicitors, Real Estate, Insurance, Corporate Services

Images: Show logo and some types of documents. Show some data sources (word, jpg).


Images: show this process, either by animated screen capture of software interface. We inter-cut with a real estate person working at computer and the software onscreen.


How’s it work?

Say you’re a lawyer, real estate agent or other professional wanting to create a lease or contract:

Set up your document template in your preferred word processor by adding simple tags using double open and close brackets. Tags work for short items such as NAME or ADDRESS as well as longer items like PAYMENT SCHEDULE or TERMS AND CONDITIONS. You can create templates well in advance and have a library ready to go.

Open the template containing the newly created “Tags” in Chansel.

You can then begin importing text or other media

You can do this several simple ways.

Here we replace the short name and address tags by typing, then bring in the long clauses we need from other files – in this case a .txt an .docx file. There. New contract done. It’s really that simple.

You can use “Channel Edit Mode” and create “channels” to add text or images to your document.

Channels can be thought of as a library of existing elements stored within Chancel.

 Channels can contain your clauses, text and information so they are at your fingertips when creating your current and future documents.

Let’s say we want to add a standard Termination Clause – we just select the text channel we want – like this. Now it’s part of our new contract.

Channels also let you set up a multi choice wizard that will guide the user through the entire document creation process. Wizard mode takes you step by step through a series of questions that ask what you want – then Chansel creates your document based on the answers you give.

If we’re creating a real estate flyer for example a wizard may begin with “In which city is the property located?” This can be refined by “Which suburb?” followed by “Which Street?” Documents can be completely generated by staff via a series of multi-choice questions.

When you’re dealing with contracts… mistakes can ruin your reputation and your bottom line. Document automation with Chansel not only gets the job done quicker, it also prevents errors.

A figure being typed incorrectly — then one entered correctly via Chansel ($1000 vs $100,000)


You can output documents to common word processor formats.

Show mouse moves to “save as” and selects a doc type.



Time consuming document creation is a thing of the past.

Back to our black and white opening scene for a moment. We fade to colour and the present. The office assistant’s now using chancel and finished their work early. Looks at watch and grabs their jacket.


Anyone can use it – Chansel works right out of the box. Our quick and easy step-by-step tutorial will have you up and running in no time. No steep learning curve. No need for specialist IT people.

If you’re in the legal, real estate, insurance industry or other corporate services, get in touch now to see how Chansel can save you time and money and make life a lot more pleasant!

 A montage of shots from the office two situations (legal and real estate).

Staff look happier/less stressed.


Automate your office with Chansel.

GRAPHICS  — Inexpensive yearly licensing fee