MullerMoo Toddler Milk Script


Open with video footage or stills of parents and their toddler. We want to show proud parents with a happy child enjoying life.


For new parents a baby brings great joy.

And also great responsibility.

A child’s early years are the most important for their future development and good health.

Animate in the MullerMoo logo and product shots.


MullerMoo toddler milk provides a healthy start to life

With the purest, freshest and highest quality ingredients.

Show the preparation of formula and a happy child being fed.


MullerMoo toddler milk only uses fresh whole milk and contains all the required vitamins, minerals and carefully selected ingredients to ensure that your little one gets all the energy and nutrients needed to prosper each day. MullerMoo is formulated for one year olds and over — before that age we recommend breast feeding.


Show cows in a natural pastoral environment then cut to milk factory. Aim to get across that the factory is state of the art and has high cleanliness standards.


Fresh whole milk comes direct from pasture cows to our factory in Kendal, England — a facility with over 50 years’ experience in the infant food industry. There, the milk goes through a production process that follows the strictest hygiene standards.

The milk moving along a production process where it’s sterilised, then the milk is enriched, powdered and finally packaged. It could be 2D or 3D with the text headings so each step of the process is clear to the viewer.

TITLE: Sterilisation


The raw milk passes through a precisely coordinated process of cleaning, homogenisation and sterilisation.

TITLE: Enrichment


The milk’s then enriched with nutrients scientifically proven to be crucial to your infant’s development.

We add essential fatty acids — vital for health. The human body doesn’t make these — so we have to get them through our food.

TITLE: Omega-3


Omega-3 fatty acids are important for healthy brain and eye development.

TITLE: Omega-6


Omega-6 is also another “good fat” which plays an important role in cell growth, and is therefore essential for a child’s brain and muscle development.



Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) are prebiotics also found in breast milk. GOS play an important role in the digestive and immune system and are therefore key for your child’s overall health.

TITLE: Spray Drying


Through the world’s leading drying procedure – spray drying — the milk is transformed into milk powder. This method prevents impurities contaminating the milk, while ensuring valuable nutrients aren’t lost either and the product stays at its best. Because the milk powder becomes more soluble your baby is able to easily digest all of the nutrients.

TITLE: Packaging


Finally the milk powder is vacuumed sealed to guarantee freshness and quality.

Quality management: an inspector checking a sample or a graphic showing product being tested. (List HACCP principles on screen).

TITLE: Strict Quality Control


Every aspect of product production is subject to comprehensive quality management standards and is monitored in accordance to strict EU food regulations. This means you can have confidence that MullerMoo adheres to the very highest health standards — from the pasture — right through to your retailer’s shelves.


Happy toddler and parent — superimpose key points:


Fresh whole milk

Essential vitamins and nutrients for Growth

Strict Quality Control

Made in the UK


MullerMoo is toddler milk of the purest, natural quality — providing wellbeing and a healthy start in life for your happy toddler.

MullerMoo: the trusted choice for parents.

Close on logo, product shots and contact details (website).