A good idea without the corresponding ability to implement the idea is valueless. Positive change is achieved by pairing great ideas with the will and follow-through to execute them.

That’s what I’ve pursued throughout my business career. An engineer at heart and entrepreneur by trade, I have made a career of fulfilling customer need through exciting new technology. I am a serial industry-agnostic entrepreneur whose passion steers me toward exciting projects that take new technology to its limits, despite (sometimes because of) the obstacles presented. Some of my most successful business endeavors include PrimaLink (a salesforce CRM consultancy), VendPoll (an IoT venture that connects vending machines and measures their stock levels) and AccessPay (a fintech venture that facilitates businesses worldwide with fast, convenient and centralized payment systems).

These ventures have taught me one must first identify gaps in the market to innovate and disrupt in the modern technological business ecosystem — and I’m very good at identifying gaps.

The business ventures that really interest me? I like to have the first mover advantage for anything I do, but regardless, it has to be an innovation, rather than invention. First: I prefer not to be number one in my territory — rather number three or four in the world — so I know there’s validation in what I’m doing. Second: It should help society to gain efficiency, save costs and solve a problem that impacts people’s lives. Third: It should have a global market and global appeal.

If a venture doesn’t fit these conditions, then I won’t be interested.

I believe in starting a business relationship with trust. Trust for me is like a very expensive crystal. A crack in it devalues the crystal.

I believe in hiring the right people, training and empowering them.

I believe in the necessity of making new mistakes.

I believe in results based harmonious leadership.

I’m always open to re-connecting with past colleagues, clients and staff, and to making new business connections to anyone with a creative mindset.