You don’t do your own plumbing? Write your own prescriptions? DIY haircuts? Some things are better left to the experts. Like story telling. Especially if it’s important.

Your story is important, right?


Occasionally a client comes along who may not feel expert enough to offer advice to the plumber fixing their toilet—but feel totally equipped to take on the discipline of storytelling and advertising.

Our response is typically no.

BUT—recently we had the opportunity to create a case study as an experiment and let an insistent client take control of creative.

The Results

The client’s brief was to create an “inspiring video to thank customers involving the African concept of Ubuntu: a quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity.

We made two pieces of advertising—one using their creative, and as a backup a second utilizing ours.

Let’s stack them up side by side. You be the judge.

Client Version

Story Republik Version



You know your business… we know advertising…

Honesty has long been one of our key points of difference. Our promise to you: we’ll be honest because we're altogether certain it’s not in your best interest or ours to arrive at a poor quality end product.

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