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TITLE CARD: 300 million people worldwide suffer from Asthma.


TITLE CARD: Each day 3 people in the UK die due to Asthma.


TITLE CARD: 75% of these deaths are avoidable.

HOOK – Problem


I’ve had asthma since I was 3 years old. I still suffer from it. My daughter has also been diagnosed with Asthma. Children are especially vulnerable to asthma attacks and one of my daily challenges is to make sure that my daughter takes her inhaler doses on time. Failure can lead to traumatic, and potentially life threatening asthma attacks. It’s heartbreaking when I see it happen to my own daughter.

OPEN with a woman in her 30s running down a suburban street. She stops and pauses to catch her breath.

CUT TO some daily family scenes. A mother is getting her daughter, aged around 7 ready for school. She pours the daughter some cereal and sits at the table with a serious, concerned look on her face.

CUT TO a flashback of the daughter needing her inhaler.



Aerobit is a “smart” inhaler, a revolutionary tool for tracking medication use that records each time inhalers are taken, and comes in a variety of cool toy designs like Captain America, Disney Princess, Star Wars. You choose.

CUT TO a product shot or 3D model of the product. Cycle through the character/animal options if there are a few. Still with the 3D animation, show a person (this could just be an outline of their head) use the inhaler. Then show a signal being sent to a mobile and also to a cloud (computer).


Built in sensors can even tell if the inhaler was shaken correctly. The Aerobit device communicates wirelessly to smartphones making information available through the cloud for patients, parents and doctors. So, I receive a friendly notification on the Aerobit App every time she has taken her inhaler properly.My daughter feels more included in her asthma treatment and this helps ensure that she takes her asthma medications on time.

CUT TO a split screen showing mother and daughter receiving a message that a dose has been missed. Bring the shot of the daughter to full screen. She rummages in her schoolbag, takes out her inhaler and uses it.

CUT TO a shot of the mother speaking to her daughter on the phone, feeling reassured.



For doctors Aerobit data provides valuable insight for long-term patient treatment, especially in identifying asthma triggers. I’ve found Aerobit’s reduced the need for rescue inhalers, minimized serious asthma attacks, and improved my child’s overall health.

As a parent, Aerobit provides me with peace of mind.

CUT TO the mother’s phone. An alert goes off – she looks concerned, then realizes she has forgotten to take her own medication. So rolls her eyes, picks up her own inhaler and uses it.



By getting your kids involved in their asthma management early in life, you’re giving them control, minimizing risk, and setting them up for a healthy life. With Aerobit you can rest easier, knowing their medication management is being tracked and in safe hands – your child’s.

CUT TO the daughter and some friends playing in the yard while the mother (and father) watch on. The daughter begins to show her friends the Aerobit app.

CLOSE on the phone in the child’s hand.