Most businesses don’t want a video… they want an effective marketing tool that will increase profits.

We’ll make a video that’ll work for you, targeting the right people, to increase your profits!

From: Shane Filer (B.B.S, Marketing)


If you’re new to video marketing & you’re looking for how to get started FAST, this is it. If you’ve been there before & you’re dissatisfied with your results, this is a way to start seeing the reward you’ve wanted for so long.

Considering that video now appears in 70% of the top 100 search results listings, and that viewers are anywhere from 64-85% more likely to buy after watching a product video – this is one marketing force you can’t afford to ignore.

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  • We make videos that communicate & sell & have created literally hundreds of successful sales videos & TV commercials over 15 years in business.
  • We know how tell a story. Stories are powerful if you want customers to engage with your brand. Just ask Apple.
  • We come at everything we do from a Marketing POV. Pretty important — in advertising, arts or anything really, as if the creative — the script & rationale behind it — is flawed then any amount of money that goes into the production, airtime, or social media advertising — is pretty much down the toilet. A weak creative will actually kill your sales.

We’re here to give life to the sales of your product or service: a healthy beating pulse that will generate positive cash flow in hours to days.

We offer a price-point that’ll create deliverables that you’ll be happy with, we will be happy with, & more importantly — will connect with the target market of your product or service & show tangible results — it’s that simple.

So How Much Are You Gonna Hit Me Up For?

If you act on this NOW you can receive our Bronze” Package which for only ‎$399 offers the following:

  • Script
  • Client supplied video, photos & text — professionally edited
  • Stock footage from Video Blocks
  • Voiceover
  • Music from Free Music Archive

All you’ll have to do is fill in a brief sheet (we provide) of your marketing requirements, & we do the rest.

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PRICE: ‎$399

Supplied Graphics / Talent (if any) provided by client / Still or simple graphics animation

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Or I can recommend our Silver” Package, which has a few more bells & whistles, including a live shoot with talent, so costs a little bit of money, but is OPTIONAL. For an investment of a measly ‎$999 you get everything listed below!

  • Script
  • Live-action filmed elements with 1-2 talent
  • Still/product images/text — animated
  • Voiceover
  • Music from Free Music Archive
  • Make the process easy, exciting, & hopefully fun!
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PRICE: ‎$999

Half day filming in one location / 1-2 talent provided in price / Detailed animation if required

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Then if you’re really interested in making your brand stand out (and let’s be honest — who isn’t?) there’s our full Gold” Package, which includes all of the above plus:

  • 2D or 3D animation
  • Live-action filmed elements with 2-3 talent
  • Motion Graphics
  • Full day shoot
  • Paid Production Music

For these we’ll generally quote on a project by project basis & tailor the video to fit your needs & budget.

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PRICE RANGE: ‎$1500-‎$5,000

Full day filming in various locations / Complex 3D or 2D animation / 2-3 talent provided in price

What other clients say:

“Professional, good with time, & has excellent research, communication & writing skills. Do not hesitate to hire. Very satisfied.”

Shane is very talented and great to work with. Reliable and fast. He knows how to write!

“Highly professional & has excellent insight.”

Bottom line, we’re going to create a video advertisement that’ll bring the right customers to your product or service — to take out their wallet & start spending right away.


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