Now, we’re not going to go and try to convince you the internet rules the school...

I mean, it would be awesome if you agreed, but you know, it’s okay… really. What’s relevant, though, is that due to the explosion of social media—you have a lot more outlets at your disposal to promote your business, products and services.

Use a video for sales and specials. Use it to say something about your organization, and what you stand for. Use it to train, instruct, or inform.

Put your shiny new video places where customers will see it. Let’s start with your website, youtube, Facebook, DVD or even VHS (just kidding!)

With television, we are passive viewers who watch a series of pictures pass before our eyes. Online, it’s a ridiculously larger palette.

Let’s scratch the surface together.

Take the next step

The world’s most successful brands don’t behave like commodities and neither should you!

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