What you can say in a two minute video would take you an entire page to write out. In the age of condensed information transfer and short attention spans, consumers know that they do not want to spend too much time figuring out whether they like your business or not. A professional video gets your message across as quickly as possible, in a way that visually impacts the viewer to make it more memorable than written text. However, a poorly-made video can create a negative impression and it too, unfortunately, can be just as memorable. Producing a professional video not only requires good content, but an understanding of visual design and staging, technical sound and video recording quality, animation, Flash, and more.

Professional Videos Create a Professional Impression

Your company is being judged every day by the copy on your website, but even more so by the content of your videos. Maybe you think that your do-it-yourself video message was excellent (and it was), but behind you in the background was a mess of wires or knick knacks thatave the viewer the impression that you are messy. The viewer will forget the message, and instead think one of two things: Your business is either not hygienic or it is completely disorganized, or both. It takes more than a good speech to sell your business in a video. Hiring a professional gives you the polish that persuades people to take action. A professional video focuses on:

Visual Design and Staging – The video will be created like a mini-theater production, complete with players and set. The idea is to present the image that sells, not the image of you behind your cluttered desk. Knowledge of lighting, colors, and backgrounds are used to create a visually appealing video that gets only the message you want across to your audience, and nothing more.

Technical Sound and Video – There is so much equipment out there to make a video. You can even use a smartphone. The problem with much of it is that it is not professional equipment and sound and image quality can be degraded. A grainy video or poor-sounding commentary will immediately cause a visitor to click elsewhere. Stick with companies that can provide you with top quality video production equipment for your shoot. They will know what standards to meet so that the video will not end up turning people off, instead of engaging them to learn more about your company.

Animation / Flash – Video effects take a least a couple of years to learn, and many more to master. Animation and Flash effects can make a video pop and create instant viewer appealing. They can also be difficult to implement, if you do not know how to do so. However, when implemented properly they can take your video from B movie status to an Oscar-worthy production. Videos are not still-shots or landscapes. If all that is moving on the screen are your lips, then you've wasted your opportunity to make the most impact through the video medium.

Remember, most videos can be two minutes or less and need to deliver your message perfectly in that amount of time. You do not get a second chance to say it right the first time. Videos that are boring do not go viral. On the other hand, a well-made professional video not only delivers your message, but will be one that you can be proud enough to see it shared millions of time online, if it does happen to appeal to tons of people.

Source by John Eric Peter