There are tons of different avenues for marketing your business; some more creative than others. Finding unique ways to market your business will not only make you and your product stand out, it will most likely save you money.

If you want to get creative with your business, marketing is the place to do it. You can utilize any and all strategies of getting your company's name in prospective customers' hands. The more creative you get, the more you will be able to save; freeing up money for other business endeavors. The most important part of marketing is not necessarily attracting new customers, but also maintaining those you already have.

If you want your current customer base to feel appreciated, send out greeting cards. Greeting cards may sound like a waste of time and money, but they actually go a long way in terms of advertising. The best thing about greeting cards is that nobody thinks of them as advertising; they think of them as a thoughtful gift from a company they are loyal to. Small greeting cards are inexpensive to make, yet go a long way. Choose any holiday, such as Christmas, Halloween or Thanksgiving, and send your customers greeting cards thanking them for their loyal service. If you want, you can include discount coupons in the greeting card for future services. If you decide to send a discount coupon, remember to send it before Christmas or their birthday so they can use it to buy gifts.

Another unique way of advertising your business is by offering discounts to other businesses. You should get in touch with the owner of a local business and tell him or her that you are willing to provide all of their employees with employee discount rates on your product or service. In return, the local business will have to make a comment about your company in their newsletter that goes out to all of their employees. This will get your goods or services advertised to a large group of people, at just a small cost. In reality, with all of the business you have the potential to bring in, you will make more money than you lose by offering the discounts.

Try to make the service as convenient as possible to entice people into using the employee discount. Deliver purchased items to their work during hours of operation, and send gift cards through the year.

Source by Greg Goris