Searching for a method on how to add video to your website? Did you know that you will need too convert the video that you just shot to a flash format? Almost all of the   video  that you view on the  web  today is in a format called flash. This file format allows users of various computers and website browsers to view your video without any problems. Let’s face it, video is a medium that people respond to much better than plain old text.

Sure, you could always upload your video to one of the popular video sharing websites, but what if you want to host it on your own domain… You know, maybe you would like it to look a little more professional. This is usually a problem because the files that come straight out of your camera are way too big. You will have to make the video files smaller.

So, I would like to refer you to a software that you can purchase for a nominal price, begin using immediately, and start hosting your own video on your own websites. This software that can do everything you will need is called  Video   Web  Wizard. The software will support AVI, WMV, MOV, MPG, FLV, VOB, ASF, and MP4 video file formats. All that you have to do is upload your current video format. From there you choose your parameters and settings that you would like to use.  Video   Web  Wizard even allows you to choose from many custom player skins.

Once you have chosen all of your settings, just hit a button and it will apply those settings, convert your video, and you are done. You can also convert multiple videos at once and create a video play list. Brand it with your business name and company logo too. The price you would pay if you were to hire someone to do this will be far more expensive than owning the software and having the ability to convert unlimited videos.

Source by Tressa B.