I think most businesses wish they could find the “sweet spot” that would make consumers send their online video ad all across the web – to their friends and family, right? If anyone could figure out what it is that compels this behavior they would be a gazillionnaire! The same holds true for, “what does it take to create a winning film?” In fact, it holds true for any business idea – what will hook everyone?

This article will discuss the ingredients that encapsulate the formula for creating just such a product or service. Let’s begin with looking at successful companies, asking yourself why as a consumer they are perceived as a “must have.”

First, it’s been said many times: “Timing is everything.” And this is the main key element of what makes something successful. Only now that everyone has a mobile phone does a new hot application get the uptake. Ten years ago, a new application for a cell phone would not have flown. So, first and foremost, the product or service must be founded at the right time.

Next is the right place. No, I don’t mean American versus Asia. I mean in an industry that has support. An example is a security application that protects information. If you only apply this solution for remote access to your set top box so you can pick your programs it’s a pretty thin opportunity. Protecting the privacy of personal data is very phat, so the right place to position a piece of security software would best be placed in that arena.

Thirdly is the quality of the product – or perceived quality of the product. Compare a Mac with a PC. The perceived value of the Mac is much higher and may be because of its “packaging,” always outstanding and as a result the pricing is significantly higher – and people pay it. So, if you want to take market share and hold it, you need a quality product. Same goes for film / video production. While a home video can be of low quality and get viral, a video advertisement hoping for that journey won’t make it unless it’s done well – to the point that the viewer is trying to figure out if it’s an ad or a “well-done” home video.

Fourth and finally, the sharing experience is stimulated by the audience’s interest in the topic, product, service or communication, etc. It has to be either funny, timely information, or helpful. What do I tell people about? What do you tell people about? We share with each other the things that we have learned or experienced that was new, exciting, funny, or in some way helped our lives.

So, when considering the development of something “viral” that will be shared, make sure it’s being placed in the right place at the right time, in a quality way that is a new and exciting way to help someone or something or make them laugh. If you can do all of these at the same time, then, it has a good chance of “getting viral!”
Source by Alex Day