We all know that the success of all businesses depends on three major areas, Marketing, Management, and Advertising. All three rely on each other, no area stands alone. Advertising plays a very important role among the three, in terms of showing and making the business known to the public and even to competitors.

Advertising is not limited in simple showcasing, there are different tactics being used to make it more effective. Just like in any strategy games, you need to think and conceptualize different and effective tool to conquer and win the game. By using these tools the rate of winning will be much higher than the normal method. As in advertising, the moment you captured the attention of the public or the consumers, the possibility of getting them as your constant customers will be much higher. In other words, you have to gain their trust and that's the time that the goal is completed.

Although this is just my own concept I hope that this will help in understanding how advertising works in different level. So what are these advertising tactics? We can differentiate them by these categories, Matching, Imagery, Uniqueness, and Reality. Matching, ads under these categories are conceptualized using surveys and questionnaires. Based on the result of the surveys advertiser creates an effective scheme on how to catch their audience. Some of them are based on age, gender, hobbies, and habits. Like for example if your product is for babies then it is appropriate to create something that is highly appreciable by parents. The next is the Imagery. Eyes is the most commonly used senses. It captures everything in its realm. By this, advertiser sets ads that can be easily noticed by the eyes and some of these are flashy colors, moving figures, and appealing designs. The third is the Uniqueness, though it is quite vague on how to explain this, I still added this as one of the tactics being used in advertising. Uniqueness may vary and can only be perceived by audience itself. It may unique to a certain group of people but it's quite normal to others or vice versa. Some ads may look corny while others are just simple. The last is the Reality. What else can be the best tool to advertise, it's Reality. There was a phrase that "Reality bites" and it sure does bites because some of the perfected concept of advertisements were taken from real life experiences. The audience or the consumers easily gratifies the ads because of reality and how they relate themselves to it. By that they can certainly attest the product or services being advertise is sure and 100% okay.

So these are the different tactics in advertising. So by now you can now create your ads according to whatever category you may use, the simpler the better.

Source by Gelo Malikha