Because of recent technological advances online videos are very popular on today’s internet. The number of sites that provide access to high quality online videos is increasing at a rapid rate. This is true globally as the world experiences a technological revolution of grand proportions. This trend promises countless hours of enjoyment of free video and movies to people all over the world as the surf the internet in record numbers. This article will briefly discuss how you can successfully add video to your website.

In order to add a video to your website you merely need to purchase or download software that will make this a simple process. The latest technology allows even the beginning user the ability to add high quality video to his website. The availability of soft ware that has made it both economically feasible and technologically possible has drastically increased the presence of video in websites today.

This technology enables even a novice to compress his   video  file into an alternative file format that is compatible with all  web  browsers. Once this process is complete it is a simple matter to add a brief html code in order to deliver your compressed  video  fills onto the  web  server. Thus it is now possible for anyone to convert videos to this format and add these videos to their website.

This solution provides an effective and extremely cost efficient means to convert  videos  into a file format that is readable by all  web  browsers. This provides millions of more people with the ability to use these videos in new and creative ways. The ranges of use for these accessible videos include using them to market products and services. This could also include using them to market one’s resume to potential employer. There are also many other applications of this technology. There are security applications and Void application as well as other applications.

In addition this process now gives us the ability to upload movies and educational videos of the highest quality to our websites for purely entertainment purposes on one hand to providing online meetings for business men on the other hand.

Many people still feel that it is difficult to add a video to their website. However, nothing could be further from the truth as advances in technology have made it extremely simple to add high quality video to any website.

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Source by Lorraine Lee