Video Script—Investfeed App


Visual suggestions: Open with stock footage of Wall Street.


Some people believe Wall Street needs reform. Some believe the investment industry is ripe for disruption.

CUT TO a young investor walking along the street in slow motion. He or she begins to take out their mobile. (If you film some material then this person should be prominent throughout the video — the “star”).


At InvestFeed we believe revolution begins with the individual.


CUT TO the screen of our star’s phone. We see the InvestFeed app.

 CUT TO a GRAPHIC — animated InvestFeed logo on a simple white background.


InvestFeed is a transparent social investment network that lets you take charge of your investment portfolio, and control your own future. Connecting with your brokerage account, the InvestFeed app provides relevant, crowd-sourced market insights and helps you assess your own portfolio performance against a community of peers. By sharing knowledge investors make better decisions, safer investments, and ultimately more money.

InvestFeed makes the stock market better. For everyone.

Here show some of the functions of the app on a phone screen.


CUT TO shots of the InvestFeed office, with Ron (or whoever is our interview subject) interacting with clients or staff.


InvestFeed was founded by fintech serial entrepreneurs Ronald Chernesky and Andrew Freedman.


We worked at a brokerage firm together — Andrew was head of web engineering and I was head market trader covering NYSE securities. What drove the development of Investfeed was the concern people were relying too heavily on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for investment research. The lack of transparency surrounding users and commentators motivated us to develop a system where anyone making endorsements for a particular investing strategy would be held accountable for their recommendations.

CUT here to either, an animated GRAPHIC — showing the many diverse places you’d have to look for investment advice — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn screen gabs, OR if live shots are preferred, then show several people each looking on their laptop, or mobile at these different sources, appearing confused.


Today technology offers us the ability to make the stock market open, transparent, truthful and free of noise — the way it was always meant to be.


It’s a game changer. You no longer need to pay for brokers, advisors or article subscriptions or rely on forums, message boards, TV networks, or social media platforms for investment ideas. It’s all here in an open, transparent and secure platform.


Animated GRAPHIC — list the key benefits.


With InvestFeed you’ll:

  • Tap into the world’s smartest trading minds in real-time and make smarter investment decisions.
  • Make relevant comparisons to see how your portfolio’s performing
  • Invest on the go, anywhere in the world with the InvestFeed app.
  • Make better investment decisions without incurring the fees of a broker.
  • Verify the validity of a stock recommendation. Transparency means you’ll see if a person actually holds a position in the stock they’re preaching.
  • Benefit from financial market information that’s firmly in the hands of the people, and is operated entirely by its members — fueled using the power of the crowd.
  • Enjoy a platform that’s fast, secure, and industry compliant.


Show various investors using the app in different locations — at home, at work, in the street. We can also show more of the app here too.


InvestFeed’s not just a new app for connecting with the stock market — it’s entirely rethinking the way investors make decisions, the way you think about the stock market and interact with it.

Now show these people coming together; they all friends. They could be meeting up at a café. Chatting. Happy. A sense they are together. Our star could show the app and be talking about their investment portfolio.


Join with InvestFeed — democratize access to the financial markets by bringing transparency to personal investing.

Close on InvestFeed logo and contact details (website address)


Join the revolution.