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Some brands are good. Some brands are bad. Some brands are ugly. We help you define your brand, and breathe life into your company story.

Creating a brand story is not simply about standing out and getting noticed. It’s about building something that people care about and want to buy into. It’s about thinking beyond the utility and functionality of products and services and striving for the creation of loyalty and meaningful bonds with your customers. A brand story is not just a catchy tagline that’s pasted on a billboard to attract attention for a week or two. Your story is the foundation of your brand and a strategy for future growth.

Let’s get started on yours.

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Now, we’re not going to go and try to convince you that the internet rules the school. I mean, it would be awesome if you agreed, but you know, it’s okay… really. What’s relevant, though, is that due to the explosion of social media—today you have a lot more outlets at your disposal to promote your business, products and services.

You need to keep your message simple and direct. Cut out the clutter and allow your video to communicate—facts, information, emotions, feelings, the benefits—something—to your audience.

Use a video for sales, sure. Use it to say something about your organization, and what you stand for. Use it to train, instruct, or inform. Put your shiny new video places that customers will see it. Let’s start with your website, youtube, Facebook, DVD or even VHS (just kidding!)

With television, we are passive viewers who watch a series of pictures pass before our eyes. Online, it’s a ridiculously larger palette.

Let’s scratch the surface together.

Meet brands we’ve helped make their mark.

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It all began with J. Peterman. You all know J. Peterman, right?

In fact, it could be any big brand—McDonalds, Gap, Starbucks—whatever it is. Like J. Peterman, they all have a voice. It is a voice that comes through in every video, print ad, commercial, tagline, Facebook post, tweet—you name it.

And do you have any idea just who’s behind this unique voice?

Copywriters. The ability to find the exact right words to tell your company’s story isn’t an easy feat, and it’s even harder to do so consistently.

Let’s give your brand a voice.

Explore some of the words we’ve written.

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We often get asked how do you tell your story in a 15 or 30 second TV ad? There are a few rules we’ve learned in 15+ years making television commercials. Engage the viewer. Stand out. Don’t throw everything including the kitchen sink into your ad. Keep it simple. Buy enough spots to ensure your television commercial will be seen frequently by the same target audience. Begin a campaign over many months (some say years)—don’t expect a short 3-week campaign to suddenly do wonders overnight for sales. It might—but think long term.

Let’s tell your story.

Meet brands we’ve helped make their mark.

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