I believe stories can change people’s lives… crazy huh?


Storytelling’s a primal human desire that’s been an integral part of human culture since the beginning of civilization; from animal shapes scrawled in plant-pigmented paint on ancient cave walls — to oral histories handed down from generation to generation.

We need to communicate and to tell stories. In life. In business. In everything we do.

So when you need to tell a story, but you don’t have the time or can’t quite manage to put it into words… who you gonna call?


Published Novelist, Comic Book Writer and Copywriter

Hello. Hallo. Ahoj. I am Shane Filer. I’m a professional, published author and I will ghostwrite your biography, business, training or self-help book; help you communicate, connect to readers, and perhaps… change lives. I’ve written a novel, comics, advertising, and ghostwritten books. I have a degree in marketing and lifelong experience in business. You’ll find more info about me on my author website.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get your book written by a real, published author! I have a meticulous personal approach, which reflects in the quality of the writing. Sure there are copy-writing factories which churn out cheap, and probably competent books. If you’re after something a little more — that has some passion — is deeply engaging, and rooted in the storytelling art — then we should probably talk.

Fiction samples:
Copywriting (including ebook) samples:

If you'd like to work with me to develop an unforgettable story please fill in the form below. I will be in touch within 48 hours.

Why hire me to ghostwrite your book?

Extras Available (Please enquire for quote)

  • Book Cover Design
  • Publishing (Createspace Amazon, Kindle, iBooks & ClickBank)
  • Video Book Trailer
    • The Process

      I make the entire process easy, rewarding and fun!

    • BRIEF
    • Once you place an order I’ll get you to fill out a brief covering all the important points: length, style, topic and purpose.

    • I’ll ask questions via Skype. Lots of questions, but mainly I’ll want you to do the talking. If you’ve got a biography to tell, or a business philosophy to present then this is where you’ll do it.

    • Once I’ve got to grips with your story — I’ll write an outline, a skeleton if you will to which the flesh of your story will be added later. You’ll have the chance here to sign off or make changes.

    • WRITE
    • I’ll write it. Usually I’ll do a couple of chapters and get you to check the style and tone is correct. If it is then I’ll write a first draft.

    • From the first draft you’ll get a chance to check it and make any changes. I’ll then do the editing required for the final draft. If you require layout and design I can take care of that too.

    • If you’ve got a publisher it just remains to send them the manuscript. If you don’t then there are plenty of options: sell your book on Amazon, Kindle, iBooks & ClickBank!